Effective traffic management is essential to the success of any event; the enjoyment of attendees and the minimisation of impact on the local infrastructure. TAO Productions has considerable expertise and experience in the development of Traffic, Transport and Pedestrian Management Strategies. This overlooked aspect of event planning can be incredibly complex and often requires specialist advice.

TAO Productions can help you. Do you know?:

TAO Production can help answer all of these and prepare a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan & Risk Assessment and perform Local Authority and Emergency Services liaison. We can also arrange Traffic Management Coordinators, Supervisors, Marshals and Chapter 8 Qualified Personnel for your event.


Whether it's a major public event of social and cultural importance, concert, firework display, country show, athletics event, carnival or large scale corporate event there is the requirement to plan and manage pedestrian arrivals, access, assembly and dispersal.

The importance of suitable and sufficient planning in this area cannot be underestimated particularly with respect to 'on-site' arrangements. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 stipulates that provision must be made for the safe circulation of pedestrians. TAO has the expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive pedestrian management service including:

Planning - No matter what the event, pre-planning and assessment of pedestrian routes and potential congregation points is integral to the safety and success of the project. From feasibility analysis & risk assessments to CAD planning and local authority liaison; allow our expertise to take the legwork out of the process.

Implementation - From specifying suitable barriers to procuring and managing specialist crowd and vehicle marshals; TAO can take care of all aspects of the plan. .


The success of any traffic and transport plan often depends on the effectiveness of the car parking system. It is imperative that car parks are well planned, staffed and managed.

TAO can take away the strain of your car park planning and management; providing the following services:

Car park planning can be a minefield. Let TAO negotiate it for you and help you with the following issues: