Theatre & Performance Art

TAO Productions has worked for over ten years with colleagues in the industry to produce theatrical spectaculars, including the Gary Wilmot Showstoppers Tour; The Glenn Miller 'In The Mood' shows with The John Miller Orchestra, The 60's 'Oh Boy' Revues and comedy shows including Eddie Izzard at The Eden Project in Cornwall.

TAO can offer clients bespoke theatrical performance shows or specialist Christmas events; using the extensive theatrical production expertise can provide our clients the extra services of theatre shows to. TAO with it's associates can supply the complete theatrical solution from artists, crew, stage management and theatrical facilities to individual and touring company management.

TAO Productions works alongside our friends Matt Stowe and Patrick O'Mahony at the Newsubstance Creative Agency, to create imaginary performance art.

The profile of performance artists has slowly risen over the years with aerial silks, stilts and acro-balance now a staple at many corporate and private functions with the skills of Newsubstance we can go the extra mile.

TAO with Newsubstance has created spectacular shows including specialists structures for Mumford and Sons GOTR events, a 60' wing spanned aluminium falcon for The DWC opening in Dubai, Aerial performance in China and site performance in the UK.

TAO with it's associates can bring together performers from all over the world to design bespoke shows that are tailored to specific themes and individual clieny briefs. From casts of hundreds performing an opera on the side of a skyscraper to a show two miles out to sea, we have done it all. With our bespoke show performance we aim to push the boundaries of both reality and physics, merging the latest in production technology with the most innovative and exciting performers to deliver shows with truly global impact.