Special Projects

Over two decades in the event industry has seen TAO Productions complete numerous special projects from the Oxford Balloon Fiesta in 2001 to the opening ceremonies of the Deaflympics in Taiwan in 2009.

Special projects can be complex touring events to a full conversion of a venue for other means; yacht launches to televised football matches; charitable projects to full permanent installations.

TAO works, hand in hand, with all of it's clients, whether PR agencies, local authorities, government bodies, experiential marketing organizations or corporate clients to design and prepare budgets at initial stages of a project to remove any barriers that would become problematical at later stages whether logistical, financial, environmental or technological.

Over two decades our team and collaborators have been responsible for some of the worlds most important and impressive visual and digital public arts. These are fantastic statement shows that engage the visiting public as well as attracting global media attention.

Some of the events we have worked on are:

To produce world-class special projects takes creativity, experience, patience, credibility and know how that is exactly what the TAO Production's team delivers

TAO's team, designs, produces and manages impeccable special projects all over the world and are available to discuss any type of event so please feel free to contact us: